Project: Finance Company
Location: Belgium
Technology: CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Portal


CA Identity Manager/CA Identity Portal

  • Designed Screens for user front-end.
  • Implemented Approval workflows.
  • Configured numerous Policy Xpress Policies.
  • Developed LDAP connector in accordance with client requirements.

     Custom Code(CA API Programming):

  • Developed a PDI(Pentaho Data Integration) script which inputs Ethias roles excel file and produce xml files.  These xml files are  imported in Identity Manager to create/update Admin/Provisioning roles.
  • Above generated xml files can be imported in Identity Portal to create/update Entitlement tree.
  • Developed PowerShell script to load bulk objects in IDM using etautil commands.
  • Developed Custom Participant Resolver Adapter in Java.
  • Developed BLTHs, Field Level Validations, Screen Level Validations, Event Listeners etc.

 CA Single Sign On:

  • Installed and configured SSO environment using silent(unattended) installation
  • Utilized advanced components like CA Directory Management Server, One View Monitor etc.
  • Developed Custom authentication Schemes to support multi factor authentication.
  • Integrated SSO with Open ID
  • Implemented Federation with Salesforce

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