Project: Sailpoint IDM
Client: Hotel Chain
Location: United States
Technology: SailPoint IIQ

Hotel Chain Group comprises of four IBUs. Developed IDM solution for customer which
manage users’ life cycle, entitlements, workflows for its employees and contractors across all these IBUs.



  • Requirement Gathering and Analysis, Solution Design.
  • Installed and Configured SailPoint IIQ
  • Created custom Quick links.
  • Created Custom Workflows, approval levels, approval forms.
  • Created Rules to manage Work Items, Access Requests, Provisioning Rules etc.
  • Configured User Provisioning, Group Provisioning, Aggregation with LDAP, JDBC, delimited file.
  • Extended Identity Attributes, Customized UI with extended attributes
  • Configured Role Mining and different roles such as IT Role, Business Roles etc
  • Configured standard, group based and population based certifications.
  • Configured Account Policies, Role SOD Policies and Entitlement SOD policies
  • Implemented Business Logic using Life Cycle Events, Business Processes.

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