Project : SSO Upgrade
Location : Oslo (Onsite, Offshore)
Client  : Railway Company
Technology : CA Single Sign On, CA Access Gateway

Description: Internal web applications are protected using CA SSO. SSO’s Existing solution version turned obsolete with time. The scope of SSO upgrade project is to configure new SSO environment in parallel to old environment, with latest version and enhanced features and then migrate all Prod applications from old to new environment.


 CA Single Sign On:

  • Made CA SSO environment up and running, Integrated applications with CA SSO and CA Access Gateway, Performed Unit Testing, Migrated between different environments and prepared Documentation.
  • Single Handedly Installed and configured SSO environment using silent(unattended) installation.
  • Configured Custom Authentication scheme to support OTP based multi factor authentication.
  • Configured Custom authentication scheme using Open ID Template. Protected client application using Open ID.
  • Protected applications using CA Access Gateway: Configured Virtual Hosts, Proxy Rules, Imported Backend applications’ SSL certificate in CA Access Gateway etc.
  • Configured CA SSO Domains and applications.
  • Integrated CA Identity Manager with CA SSO.
    • Configured internal links to access CA IDM.
    • Protected CA IDM Internal Link with Windows Native Authentication to facilitate direct access from user’s own machine.
    • Protected CA IDM Internal link using Form Based Authentication to facilitate access outside user’s own machine.
  • Migrated configuration from one environment to another.
  • Performed Unit Testing.




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