Project  CA-IAM
Client  :  Power Company
Technology  : CA Identity Minder, CA Site Minder, CA Control Minder

Description: RSEB consists of several hundred of technical and managerial personnel. Earlier, fulltime system administrators was managing numbers of manual processes for access rights, billing, audits etc. The IAM Suite delivers unparalleled reliability, availability scalability by combining CA Identity Manager and CA SiteMinder WAM into a single IAM solution —


Identity Minder:

  • Created Endpoints for Database Tables/Procedures, Web Service, AD, Exchange etc.
  • Implemented Reverse Sync mechanism using Reverse Sync Policies for different endpoints
  • Implemented approval workflows for Reverse Sync Policies, Users creation, Roles assignments etc.
  • Implemented High Availability in Cluster’s Provisioning components.
  • Implemented IDM Data Replication between DC and DR.
  • Implemented Business Logic using Identity Policies, Policy Xpress, BLTHs, LAHs, JavaScript validations, Event Handlers etc.
  • Troubleshooting Identity Manager issues related with any of IDM components.

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