Project  : CA IDM
Location  : Onsite(Oslo, Norway)
Client  : Bank Group
Technology   :CA Identity Minder, CA SiteMinder
Description: Bank Group is a union of different banks of Norway having different processes established across different locations which shares IT infrastructure like AD, Exchange, ACF2, Oracle FD Front etc. IDM project manages the identity management processes across all these banks in a single environment.


  • Set up Central Environment such as Identity minder in integration with Site Minder, Provisioning Components, Directory Server etc.
  • Created CA Directory router towards Client AD and set it as authentication directory.
  • Design and implemented Delegated Administration and UI for different administrators/end users, request/approval workflows, email workflows etc.
  • Integrated standard endpoints such as  AD, Exchange , ACF2.
  • Integrated dynamic endpoints such as Oracle FD Front , Generic Mail Connector
  • Implement Customization in Java, JavaScript such as BLTH, Event Handlers, LAH etc.
  • Configured Report server with IDM.
  • Implement Business Logic such as in Identity Policies, Policy Xpress etc.

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